•  Grow in your faith and interact in genuine Christian community.applygreen
  •  Learn to apply biblical principles to your life, sport and career.
  •  Receive ministry training that will equip you to reach others.

ULTIMATE TRAINING CAMP  This camp is designed to teach athletes how to apply Biblical principles to their athletic competition.  At the conclusion of the camp there is an event called the SPECIAL, which is designed to push the athletes to their physical limits. As a result there is a need for athletic trainers and/or MD’s to cover this camp.  A maximum of four Certified Athletic Trainers and four Athletic Training Students are needed to assist with each week’s experience.  A newly created Head AT position is available at each Camp. The AT team will listen to the Principles teaching and break into a small group to discuss how they relate to Athletic Training–their lives and careers.

2018 Dates: May 20 – 26 (Colorado); May 26 – June 2 (Minnesota); June 17 – 23 (SoCal); June 24 – June 30 (High School UTC – Ohio). June 28 – July 2  (High School J.A.M. Camp – Ohio);

  X PROJECT  Learn life long ministry skills through a nine week summer internship!  

  • Athletic training students and those pursuing strength & conditioning specialties are needed to participate in the X Project while assisting with coverage of sporting events at the AIA Sports Complex including AIA’s summer collegiate Great Lakes League baseball team.
  • A Certified Athletic Trainer is needed to serve as a supervisor.     

2018 Dates: May 25 – July 28.  (Feb. 1st Application Deadline)           

extreme-challenge-pr-2016 EXTREME CHALLENGE PUERTO RICO  Be a part of a two-week life-changing adventure targeted at launching movements of evangelism and discipleship on the universities in Puerto Rico and the United States. You’ll spend the first week of the trip learning AIA’s principles for athletic competition, focused on combining your sport and faith. During week two, you’ll explore the beauty of the island while serving on university campuses and throughout the community.

  • A Certified Athletic Trainer is needed for the athletes’ healthcare needs (minimum one week commitment). 
  • An athletic training student is needed to assist with this camp.

2018 dates: June 3 – June 17.

SONY DSC URBAN PROJECT – LOS ANGELES   Join 50+ student-athletes and staff from around the country living in community in one huge house for three life-changing weeks. The UP-LA is a one of a kind opportunity. Connect with God’s view of sport and competition through the AIA Principles and The SPECIAL. Partner with urban ministry veterans serving “at-promise” communities of LA. Tackle issues of racism, power, class, culture, poverty, privilege, responsibility, social justice, and what the Gospel of Christ has to say about these ever-relevant and important issues.

  • A Certified Athletic Trainer is needed for the athletes’ healthcare needs during the first week with the option of serving during the entire project.
  • An athletic training student is needed to assist with this project.

2018 Dates: May 31 to June 10 (Project Dates are 5/28 to 6/25.) 

BostonProjectLogo BOSTON PROJECT  Taking place at Eastern Nazarene University, just south of Boston and blocks from the ocean, the Boston Project staff and college athletes will seek to create and environment of personal growth and development. You will be trained about win/build/send ministry while gaining a Biblical perspective on diversity. 

  • A Certified Athletic Trainer is needed for athletic healthcare needs during the UTC Sprint.
  • An athletic training student is needed to assist with this project.

2018 Dates: To Be Announced Soon.

2017 Dates: June 15 – 18

Tending to an Athlete



Complete the Sports Performance Application and let us know which project you are interested in serving at.