This ministry would not exist without the prayers and support of those who love the gospel and see the platform of sport as an effective way to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ to a worldwide audience. We greatly appreciate your support to accelerate our mission of building spiritual movements everywhere through the platform of sports.

Join the CENTURY CLUB – click here!

The Century Club has been established to help provide funds for sports performance ministry events. Your donations will be used to further develop this ministry. Examples of our needs include:

  • Scholarship fund for those who wish to participate in a project with AIA Sports Performance, but do not have the financial opportunities others do.                           
  • Equipment for Sports Performance tours and the AIA Sports Complex.
  • Ministry Fellowships and Prayer Breakfasts at continuing education meetings.
  • Computers and other needed Office improvements.

Would you prayerfully consider making an annual donation of $100 or more to our department to assist us in meeting these needs?